Wednesday 23 September 2015

I Am Karate - Elevate (Video)

Soldh Ahlström and Marta Pettersson aka I Am Karate, our favourite Swedish martial arts namechecking electrop duo (ok, we admit, the only Swedish martial arts namechecking electrop duo we know of, but that still makes them our favourite, even if it’s in a list of one) return today with a video for new track Elevate. Rather like yesterday and the video from Låpsley it’s partly another ‘going for a walk in the woods’ film, which makes us wonder if going for a walk in the woods is going to be the next big thing in pop music?

However this walk in the forest is a little darker and creepy with references to mythology. There’s masks, dark cloaks, fireworks and a man with a giant birds head; maybe giant birds heads are also going to become a thing in pop music, after all, we’ve already had giant budgie heads (here).

Of course odd visuals are one thing, but what we also need is a tune. Thankfully we have one. Elevate (the song) is a rather romantic, accessible and sumptuous piece of electronic pop, some miles away from the oddness of the video. 

I Am Karate - Elevate (Video)

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