Sunday, 7 June 2009

Fight Like Apes - Something Global

In our instant access, have everything, take everything, capture everything age, going to a gig no longer just involves dancing / standing / sitting at a venue and watching the band. These days the live experience will be digitally documented by its audience and posted up on You Tube before you can say “If a pictures worth a thousand words, what’s a talking picture worth.” The days of venue security searching you for a camera on entry are long gone, with virtually every mobile phone carrying a reasonably decent facility to capture the moment, making such a task impossible and pointless.

So Eoghan Kidney has taken this concept one step further for the video for Fight Like Apes Something Global. Fans were invited to film the band playing a gig on a variety of hand held camera media, the footage was then edited and collated with the results put out for the world to see. Add in suited kabuki men in masks, padded arrows, wedding confetti and the bands unique lyrical style and voila the new Fight Like Apes video is born. The irony is that many of the fans involved in the shoot have also posted their own individual videos up on the net, so You Tube and other video hosts are awash with videos for Something Global. So here it is, as well as a short documentary about the shoot.

Fight Like Apes - Something Global from ξοgΙιαη κιdηεγ on Vimeo.

And this is the making of. Can someone explain the Rocky 3 analogy please ?

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