Friday, 19 September 2008

Cassie and the Cassettes - New Waves @ Breaking More Waves

Ah cassettes. Remember those ? They were big in the eighties. Like sweatbands, big hair and men wearing too much make up. But unlike the aforementioned, cassettes were actually really useful. You could record a compilation on one and decide on the order of the songs as you went. No deciding play lists in advance before burning. And rather like the object they take their name from, Cassie and the Cassettes are really useful; especially if you are a fan of Belle and Sebastian, hairclips, cute cardigan or spec wearing girls and boys and all things twee.

A young 5 piece fronted by the sweetly summery indie chanteuse Cassie Layton, they have only played a smattering of gigs including dates at this years Great Escape Festival in Brighton and at the Fistful of Fandango night at 229 in London. Despite their just out of school freshness, Cassie and the Cassettes have tip toe jazzy harmonies that will make you want to jig your shoulders and be nice to everyone. This is pure unrefined perfect pop.

Half of the band used to be in a terribly named funk covers outfit called The Funkbomb Detonators, but there are no such hideous elements on songs such as I Don’t Like You and Two Of A Kind, demo versions of which can both be found on the bands Myspace page. With no record deal as yet, things are growing slowly for the Cassettes. Despite their cute quietness their piano and guitar strumming chirpiness could make enough noise to find a strong fan base.

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