Sunday, 7 March 2010

Cults - New Waves @ Breaking More Waves

We have a love hate relationship with Pitchfork. Sometimes its verbosity is so pretentious that it makes us want to grab its well thumbed Thesaurus and ram it back up its internet arse. Its infamous review of Kid A by Radiohead (here) was one of the most cringeworthy and gushing pieces ever written and ironically / unwittingly set a model for many a blogger who tries too hard to sound excited and ends up sounding like a sugar rushed child. Sometimes we forget that the best and most effective communication consists of simplicity and clarity.

Yet despite the heavy wordage, a good review on Pitchfork can have huge effect. So we take our hats off to them for bringing this ray of sunshine to our attention (and Gorilla vs. Bear who seem to have got there first). It’s a song called Go Outside by the group Cults and has a tropical sixties sound that will make you want to shimmy all the way to Hawaii. Very little is known about Cults. As a significant number of blogs will tell you, Cults are possibly a boy girl duo, possibly sound a little like Summer Camp and are possibly film students from New York. But who needs words and information ? (Well us actually, but as we can’t find any, we’re using a statement like that as justification for being rubbish). What you need is music. So listen below, then download Go Outside and two other songs by Cults legally from the their Bandcamp page here. Wonderful.


Anonymous said...

Top of the class. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

infectious really dig it- thx

Unknown said...

That is really nice, a good tip.

You at any gigs in Brighton this week? Loads on.

Breaking More Waves Blog said...

Glad you folks are liking it.

Peter...yes lots on but unfortunately i'm not in the thick of it this week, except for Kate Nash @ Komedia tonight which I will be hot footing down to.

Unknown said...

I've got a busy week. I'll keep you posted with some reports.

Memory Tapes tomoorrow, Passion Pit in London Thursday and Phenomenal Hanclap Band Friday.