Tuesday, 29 May 2012

San Cisco - New Waves

Here’s one of those new / not new bands. That is to say that San Cisco’s debut single was released somewhere near the start of 2011 in their homeland of Australia and the follow up EP came out at the start of 2012. But even with the world wide web sometimes as a UK based blog it takes a bit of time for artists, bands and songs from other parts of the planet to find their way to us. So it is with this young group, a four piece consisting of Jordi Davieson (Lead vocals and guitar), Josh Biondillo (Guitar, keyboards and vocals), Nick Gardner (Bass) and Scarlett Stevens (Drums and vocals) from Fremantle. As of yet they haven’t made significant in-roads with UK blogs, press or media but this could change when the band release their Australian hit Awkward on July 9th.

San Cisco is a band that on the surface are pretty cute. With innocent not trying too hard boy-girl vocals that almost hit the side of twee, do-do-do da-da-da-da hook lines and minimalist choppy guitars that have a passing resemblance to Darwin Deez’s Radar Detector, the label cute is always going to be lurking. But delve a little deeper and the lyrics show a date gone wrong, with a resultant slightly obsessive one sided non-relationship. Or as we more commonly know it, a stalker at large. “I saw you at dinner last night you were holding his hand , I've been watching you for days. I thought I saw you last night get out of my life, you've been stalking me for days,” the song concludes.

So maybe not cute, but whatever they are singing about their songs sound fun and so are their videos. Certainly boys will enjoy Girls Do Cry (below) which features a bunch of girls larking around in their underwear, covering themselves in popcorn, wiggling their bottoms and eating ice lollies whilst bouncing on the bed. The video currently has 70,000 odd views, but this is nothing in comparison with Awkward (video here) which despite not featuring any underwear wearing ladies has cropped up over 1 million hits.

There’s a simple reason why Awkward has become so popular though. It’s a hooky, offbeat highly agreeable indie pop song with a slightly old fashioned and simple charm to it. What’s not to like about that?

San Cisco - Awkward

San Cisco - Girls Do Cry (Video)


Chris said...

I think they're corn dogs, not ice lollies...

Breaking More Waves Blog said...

Thank you. That's why I write a music blog not a food blog.

So they're basically eating sausages on a stick. Hmmmmm....