Tuesday, 6 April 2010

The Forest and the Trees - To The Forest (I Need Some Peace)

We’ve mentioned a couple of times now (most recently here) how various blogs and websites are diversifying into record labels and promotion, and today we continue this topic. The Forest and the Trees are Joel and Linnea Edin, a married couple from Sweden. They are about to release their debut single To The Forest (I Need Some Peace) on Ill Fit Recordings, which is a joint venture between Something In Construction Records ( Memory Tapes, Lonely Dear) and The Line Of Best Fit website. The song is a giddying rush of natural acoustic indie sounds that rattles on at some pace, then drops for a moment to catch its breath as Linnea sings “I cannot focus with all of this noise,” before it jumps on a speeding escalator marked going on up. It ends leaving you wanting to punch the air with a whoop, in much the same way as Arcade Fire’s big constructions do, albeit The Forest and the Trees do it in a gentler, sweeter way.

The band have an album scheduled for release on May 10th, and if their other two songs they have on Myspace are anything to go by it’s one to put on the pre-order shopping list. Mother is a lush, atmospheric, reflective piece full of maturity, melody and grace - the kind of thing Lyyke Li may have produced if she had teamed up with those of a folkier persuasion, whilst Bohemian Boy reminds us a little of yet another singer from Nordic regions - Nina Persson; not from her pop chart days with The Cardigans though, but the debut release from her side project A Camp, as it’s a song full of melancholy, melodies and beauty.

To The Forest (I Need Some Piece) will be available to digitally download from the 19th April. In the meantime you can listen to the stream of the song below.

THE FOREST & THE TREES To The Forest! (I Need Some Peace) by ILL FIT

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